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"If you were to create a course that I would love - it would be all of this"

Dez. Student 2019

Annie Murray, founder of Horizon shares how this idea came to life and why it is crucial for people in recovery to have these exciting & creative opportunities...

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From my own experience and after a 15 year long battle with drink and drugs, I embarked on a course in early recovery run by a community group in 2016; I am still in recovery and run my own Brighton-based film production business. This is all due to recovery community groups and meaningful activity, alongside treatment. My aim is to make this pathway more accessible for other recovering addicts because I know on a first-hand basis that it works.


I came from a place where addiction had left me homeless; in a repeat cycle of offending, with extreme ill-health; without a shred of dignity, hope or strength. With extremely low self-confidence and high vulnerability, this opportunity was made available to me and changed me and my world for the better. 

Alongside peer course leaders within Horizon, we can better understand and support people that are going through early recovery. A truly testing time where learning from others strength, hope and experience is the way recovering addicts get 'well'.

The impact on the 10 students who enrolled on our spring course produced an 80% course completion rate, with 75% now in full-time employment or further education. Mental health improved by 15% and students felt their knowledge of film & photography increased by 22% - giving them the confidence required to continue their paths with pride. 

We have seen friends and families reuniting, relationships strengthening and lives changing. Society has gained members who are already creating exciting change within the local community

We can deliver a service that can save individuals from a life in addiction and produce exciting results.

Latest Course

We are delighted to have been funded once again this year by The National Lottery, Community Fund and we can't wait to get started!

Drop us an e-mail or phonecall if you are interested in joining our spring time course!

This year we will be going through an application process due to the high demand on this course, contact us today for an application for and to find out more.

Guest speakers and industry professionals will guide you through every step of photography, film making, storyboarding, editing and creative writing. Find out what your skill is!

Taking place in the heart of Brighton at  The Werks Central, with tea, coffee and snacks to keep the brain creatively flowing plus some amazingly supportive people willing to show you some cool media skills. With recovery at the heart, come see what's possible. Come and see, What's On The Horizon for you...


"I would recommend this course to anybody seeking creative solutions to support their recovery and commend the high standard of professional teaching from the facilitators and the support staff"

Mary M.

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