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Through The Lens Of Recovery

Podcast series

Through the Lens of Recovery (TLR) explores mental health and addiction in the UK with conversations and insights from experts, people who have dealt with addiction issues, and the world around us to better understand the social and individual impact of substance use disorders, particularly focusing on alcohol. Hosted by Annie Murray, founder of Horizon, a film and production training organisation for people in recovery and Sophie Turton, director of The Joyful and mental health advocate, Through the Lens of Recovery is a podcast about hope, resilience, inspiration and triumph in the face of adversity.




Annie Murray -
Founder of Horizon
From street homeless, to living with purpose

Annie Murray.jpg

TLR Sophie Turton dives straight into the nitty gritty and whys and wherefores in this interview with co-host Annie Murray. 

They discuss the drive behind creating this podcast, the power of sharing our stories when it comes to substance misuse, addiction and mental health challenges, and Annie’s story from street homeless alcoholic to business woman extraordinaire and founder of Horizon. 

This episode and many others in this series explores topics some listeners may find disturbing, including addiction, abuse, homelessness and near death experiences.

We hope you enjoy listening,

Annie and Sophie x


William Porter -
Author of
Alcohol Explained.

Do I have a problem?

William Porter.jpg

In this episode, we were absolutely thrilled to welcome William Porter, author of Alcohol Explained, the definitive, groundbreaking guide to alcohol and alcoholism. 

We explored:

  • The science behind addiction

  • The myths and mistruths surrounding alcohol and alcohol misuse disorder

  • What it’s like to live in a culture obsessed with booze

  • The joy that can be found through sobriety

This was a particularly impactful conversation, as reading Alcohol Explained was what finally turned the switch for co-host Sophie about the reality and impact alcohol was having on her life and her mental health. 

William comes at the topic of alcohol misuse disorder from a wholly scientific perspective and uncovers some surprising facts about the physiological impact of drinking, as well as many of lesser known ways alcohol advertising has infiltrated group thinking. 

This interview is chock full of facts about what alcohol is, how it affects us all, no matter how much we drink, and what to do if you’re feeling trapped by booze 

We hope you enjoy our interview with William!


Annie and Sophie x


Dr. Sophie Cook -
Writer, speaker
& photographer 

Not today - losing my addictions.

Sophie Cook.jpg

In this episode, we interviewed the delightful Dr Sophie Cook. Sophie’s had a fascinating life, from being an RAF veteran, former addict, and suicide survivor, to realising her identity as a trans woman, becoming an author, mental health advocate and Honorary doctor of letters from Bournemouth University. 

In this episode, we discussed:

  • Sophie’s experience with addiction and mental health

  • Her new book “I don't need rescueing” and how her 'not today' philosophy has saved her life numerous times

  • How much more freeing her life is as a sober woman

This episode explores topics some listeners may find disturbing. Topics include drug addiction, mental health, suicide ideation, and gender transition. Sophie is extremely candid, open and warm. She is a true delight to talk to and comes at the topic of addiction and recovery from a range of different perspectives.

We hope you enjoy our interview with Sophie!

Annie and Sophie x


Lauren Burnison -
Sober Travel expert
Founder - We Love Lucid

Lauren Burnison.jpg

In this episode, we had the pleasure of speaking to Lauren Burnison, creator of We Love Lucid, an alcohol-free travel and experience company. 


We discussed:


  • The difficulty of going on holiday when you don’t drink alcohol

  • The opportunities for fun, excitement and freedom when you embrace a sober life, and the adventures to be had when you travel

  • Lauren’s personal experience of being alcohol free and how this led her to launch the UK’s first alcohol free travel company


Lauren’s passion for life and excitement over the possibilities available for an alcohol-free travel experience reaffirmed what we’ve long known - life doesn’t stop when you stop drinking, and there are so many opportunities to find joy, adventure and excitement in a life led lucid. 


We hope you enjoy our conversation with Lauren.

Annie and Sophie x



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