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Annie Murray


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Annie is a videographer and business owner of Brighton based, socially minded film production company, Edit Sweet Ltd - a company that focuses on people before profit and creates powerful film pieces for a variety of clients, Theatre Royal, Tate Modern, Cancer Research & most recently the NHS.

However, life was not always so easy for Annie after her own 15 year battle with addiction that took away a professional music career, friends & family and brought her gradually yet haltingly to the lowest point in her life when her addiction left her street homeless in 2014 and often hospitalised with severe health conditions.

Fighting to improve her situation and thankfully finding creative community based organisations and creative outlets in East Sussex, Annie found recovery in 2016 and turned her life around; what she once thought would be beyond the realms of possible.

The first thoughts surrounding social change came when it was realised that there wasn't enough pathways like this available to people in recovery. Annie's realisation that she had been very fortunate to have found such a pathway made her determined to start her own and make creative recovery more accessible. With more opportunities around the year for people finding a new life in recovery. 

"You've got to re-learn everything, from brushing your teeth to putting one step in-front of another. Learn to FEEL again. Communicating and learning trust with others, most importantly, learning to trust yourself. I didn't know quite what I was capable of until I found recovery and a program which just helps me understand life and a bit more about how to live it to the fullest. My business and work now is designed to work for me and keeps my recovery at the heart which is imperative to my long term recovery.


I have a life I am in love with - & I wish for others to have this gift"

With this lived experience, Annie knows the utmost importance of community based projects like, 'Horizon' and is determined to make this a more accessible path for those wanting to find a new life for themselves,

free from addiction and free to create their own paths.


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Kate McCoy

Drama Coach

Kate is Artistic Director and founder of small performance adventures and our Director and drama coach on this years course.

small performance adventures make workshops, performances and events with people who have been affected by life. They create spaces where people feel safe enough to meet as equals and be their creative, playful selves.

They work in partnership with organisations in the fields of recovery, mental health, criminal justice, homelessness, social pedagogy and education, and deliver a range of projects using theatre and other eclectic methods to educate, entertain, stimulate and connect. All our work is closely co-designed and co-created with stakeholders and we welcome challenging commissions.  We also employ and creatively support people in recovery.

"Working with small performance adventures opens your soul"

 - Alison




Meet Chris – Full time photographer based in Brighton. HND in photography and film, started out freelance in all areas of photography from weddings to portraits to events to products and also just for fun.

With over 10 years’ experience which hasn’t always been an easy ride. Battling addiction since early teens and after a promising start to his career Chris lost everything worth while including his passion and love for photography. “2014-16 were dark years indeed” says Chris, but after finding recovery and 12 step fellowship a little under 2 years ago Chris began to rebuild his life and rekindle the passion he had in the beginning, now working as a product photographer for a juggling company.

“To get paid to do what I love every day is a blessing”

Chris is also involved in a record label aimed at artists in recovery in his spare time providing photography for bands, events and promotional material. “A chance to network and get creative whilst helping out a good friend